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Our Collections

  • Canvas Painting
  • Acrylic Print
  • Alumium Painting
  • 3D Wall Art
  • An artist is doing the painting.

    100% handmade oil painting on canvas

    For 100% handmade oil painting, painters employ their decades of oil painting experience to recreate the original artwork on canvas, with no evident differences from the original.

    • artist grade canvas
      Artist Grade Canvas

      Hand stretched, withstands humid conditions

    • High quality acrylic paints
      Acrylic Paints

      long lasting, non-cracking

    • create texture of canvas painting

      Adding details, shadows and highlights by using different painting techniques.

    • Canvas painting edges aligned with the background.

      Painting Edges based on the background

    HD printing machine is working on the canvas.

    Canvas print with hand touches

    For canvas print with handmade touches, ultra-high resolution printing technologies in combination with a few handmade touches, convey more depth and feelings to the audience.

    • An artist add finishing touch to the painting.
      Finishing Touches

      42 color gel paints to create more layering

    • ink that used on canvas printing
      High Quality Ink

      Archival grade, lasts for years without fading

  • HD printing machine is working on acrylic print.

    Acrylic Print

    Artwork printed on acrylic creates a modern, eye-catching look.It's a perfect choice for your home or office.

    • transparent acrylic substrate
      Acrylic substrate

      Colorless, transparent and durable

    • clear image color
      Image Color

      More brilliant and clear by advanced printing technique

    • acrylic thickness option

      1⁄8" thick and 1⁄4" thick are available options. 1⁄4" thick is a thicker option for more durability and rigidity at a slightly more expensive price.

    • Finished Edge
      Finished Edges

      Gives Acrylic a smooth polished edge

  • An artist is polishing the aluminum surface

    Aluminum Painting

    Painting on Polished Aluminum offers a distinctive soft sheen finish and beautiful color. Every aluminum substrate will be hand grinded by expert workers before coloring.

    • Do the Aluminum Painting
      100% Handmade Aluminum painting

      Artisans hand paint the color and fetch out the lasting shimmer and 3D impact by repeated polishing.

    • An Artist gives hand touches on the aluminum painting.
      HD Aluminum Print + handmade touches

      We utilize HD printing techniques to create high quality images with durable vivid color onto the aluminum panel. Finally, gel paints will be hand painted onto the painting for more shinier watery texture.

  • The man is gel painting on the 3D wall art.

    3D Wall Art

    Image is first printed on the canvas. Then, we utilize the advanced 3D printing technology to print the cubic lattice on the surface to highlight the stereo feeling. For better use of lighting, we paint the gel paint on the lattice to create more depth on the picture.

    • 3D wall art HD printing
      HD Printing

      We use the highest resolution inkjet printing technology to meet the rigorous standard of color accuracy.

    • 3d wall art
      3D Printing

      3D printing process make the cubic lattice and automatically adheres it on the designated spot.

Art In Trend

NG 0004 2
NG-0004-40X80cm*4PCS+100X80CM*2PCS–HD print + 50% handmade painting on canvas
 P 0 D1H2 100x100cm
08878-100x100cm- HD print +parts handmade canvas painting
 P 0 D1H2 100x100cm
08877-100x100cm- HD print +parts handmade canvas painting
 S 0 8 100x100cm
08805-100x100cm+100% handmade canvas painting
 S 0 H16H2 120x80cm
06249-120x80cm+100% handmade canvas painting
 S 0 8 100x100cm
06274-100x100cm+100% handmade canvas painting
 Y 0 8 80x120cm
07362-80x120cm-HD print + parts handmade canvas painting
R&D team is having meeting discussing the new trend.

Elements Of Beauty

Explore The Latest Trends In Fine Art

Our R&D team delves down into the art market with sharp marketing insight; we are knowledgeable about the style of what people want to buy.

New product ranges will be released every season to guarantee you receive real-time updates on the latest developments and design trends.

Designers are working out the best solution to customers.

No idea Is Too Wild Or Too Small

Turnkey Services Helping You To Achieve More

TTA Art Design Team provides turnkey consulting services with your vision and goals in mind, creating beautiful framed art paintings in fitting with the market trend.

Our friendly, skilled customer service team is ready to answer any questions within 24 hours. You will have our feedback on quality issues within 12 hours.

What We Guarantee

  • 95% Similarity to the Original Piece

    • All painters own 15 years the least experience in oil painting

    • Comprehensive quality management: quality control at every step

    • Advanced Painting Technology

  • Supreme Quality Material

    • Hazard-free pigment certified by SGS.

    • Environmentally-friendly wooden frame.

    • Grade A canvas for higher performance in drawing expressiveness.

  • Professional Packaging

    • Frame corner protector

    • Shrink film packaging for humidity and dust resistance

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