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TTA art co ltd located in Shenzhen, China. Specialise in the reproduction of original art works painted by professional artists who are inspired to create unique designs and compositions for sale on the open market. From the artworks submitted for selection, we select those we consider suitable for production and those original pieces are then re-created and hand painted in our studios by our own artistic team.

The artworks we promote are eco-friendly and designed to cater to a broad variety of tastes and environs, We constantly monitor our productions and update our range with exciting and in ever changing artistic pallette; no matter what your taste, we can provide you with beautiful inspiring art that will delight the senses, add colour, interest, and harmony to your private life or business environment.

TTA ART offer a highly professional and specialized range of art products at great prices. We look forward to future purchases.

We've purchased art from TTA on a number of occasions and we couldn't be happier with their products, shipping and customer service.

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